Outside Utilities Repair & Installation

Dedicated Customer Care From Beemer Plumbing, LLC

Are you having problems with an outdoor utility system such as an underground sewer, water, or gas line? Or are you looking for a qualified plumbing company to handle total installations in a new location or facility? Do not hesitate to call the trustworthy team at Beemer Plumbing LLC right away! We have years of experience and a reputation for excellent client service. In fact, our high standards of customer care have been forcing other companies to raise their own standards for many years.

About Our Johnson County Plumbing Service

Our company was founded by James Lee Beem, Jr. in the 1990s. He began our tradition of respectful and honest plumbing repair and remodel services.

Since then, we have been proud to maintain this reputation by continuing to advance the concerns of our customers. James Lee Beem, Jr.'s son Jeremiah Beem and his wife Heather Beem run Beemer Plumbing LLC today and take pride in maintaining the good name established from the very beginning of the company.

If you are having problems with the outside utilities of your home or business, we can come over and explain the plumbing issue to you thoroughly so that you completely understand what is going on with the system and how we propose to offer a solution.

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Contact our office today to set up a home visit or to request a free price quote in Johnson County or Kansas City. We are here to help you get back on with your life or business operations by completing the necessary repairs in a hassle-free and efficient manner. Beemer Plumbing LLC respects your time, and we value you as a customer! We will let you know a specific time when we will be there and we will stick to the schedule.

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