Toilet Repairs & Installation in Johnson County

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Is there a running, clogged, or leaking toilet in your home or business? We encourage you to avoid risking making a bad problem worse by attempting a do-it-yourself repair job. In addition, ignoring the problem could just end up costing you more in increased water bills than a simple service call would. It is a time to call in the professionals!

Whether your toilet needs a major overhaul or a quick tune-up, Beemer Plumbing LLC is the team for the job. Our Kansas City and Johnson County plumbing company has been serving clients throughout Missouri and Kansas since the 1990s.

Some common commode problems include:

  • Constant running, which is evidence of a dysfunctional flapper valve or a leak caused by a corroded overflow pipe or flush valve assembly
  • Weak flush
  • Constant clogging, potentially caused by a clogged drainpipe

Are you ready for a new commode?

We can replace the whole system if you would prefer a new installation. Old models made before 1994 are often extremely inefficient in terms of energy and water use. You could be wasting a lot of money on excess water bills. Call Beemer Plumbing LLC to learn how we can help you reduce your water bills and protect the environment by installing a new model!

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Do you ever wonder where all of the good, old-fashioned service companies went? At Beemer Plumbing LLC, we bring those qualities of honesty, reliability, and excellent service back to the modern world every single day. We are proud of our reputation for great business ethics and customer satisfaction. We treat our clients like family and do our best to force other companies to meet higher standards of excellence and respect, too. Call Beemer Plumbing LLC today to request a free quote!