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Are you having trouble with your water heater? It is important to not ignore early warning signs. These problems can quickly escalate, so let us tackle the issue before you are taking cold showers! In need of emergency water heater repair? Looking for the best deal in water heater installations in Johnson County or Kansas City? Call Beemer Plumbing LLC to learn more about our special prices and free local quotes!

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Common Water Heater Issues

Over time, water heaters may collect sedimentary buildup. This buildup damages the quality of the tank. If you are noticing metal particles in the water in your water heater or a sulfurous odor in your tap water, call the Johnson County plumbing experts at Beemer Plumbing LLC to get the tank flushed.

Other water heater problems can originate with a broken or stuck thermostat, which can waste energy by leaving the valve open and even put you and your family in danger of getting burned by hot water. We can replace the thermostat easily and efficiently. We work fast and explain every step of the process to you so that you know what the problem is and you know what we are doing to fix it.

Need a new water heater? We can install it for you!

If the problems with your water heater are beyond repair and you need an entirely new installation, we can handle that, too! Whether you have a 10-gallon water heater or a 200-gallon water heater, we can repair or replace any residential or commercial water heater. Let us tackle your next plumbing project. You will never need to look for another plumbing service again after calling Beemer Plumbing LLC!

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