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6 Winter Plumbing Tips
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6 Winter Plumbing Tips

The Cold and Your Plumbing

The cold winter weather requires us to make adjustments to stay safe and comfortable. From increased driving safety to bringing out extra sweaters and blankets, we’re all trying to get through the coldest months of the year together.

Your plumbing is not exempt from needing a winter adjustment. In order to avoid a big, costly mess, the Beemer Plumbing, LLC team recommends that you keep the following tips in mind this winter.

Plumbing Repairs

Before the coldest weather arrives for the season, we highly suggest that you schedule any plumbing repairs you’ve been putting off. Leaving these repairs to worsen over the winter months could create much larger and much more expensive problems down the road.

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Outside Plumbing

Gardening season is long gone, and you’re likely not using your hose to water the cold, frosty ground. Disconnecting your outdoor water lines will help prevent water from running outside, where it is much more susceptible to freezing. This freezing could eventually cause the pipes to burst — a costly repair to make! After turning off your outdoor water lines, be sure to completely drain the pipes of all water. If water is left in the pipes, it could freeze and cause the pipes to crack.

Disconnecting your hose will also keep water from remaining within it, freezing, and damaging it. For an added layer of protection, head to the hardware store and pick up an inexpensive hose bib to insulate the connection to your home.

While on Vacation…

If you’re headed out of town for an extended period of time when you know the weather could turn nasty, we recommend shutting off your water. This way, if a pipe does happen to freeze and crack, there will be less water damage to come home to. Once you return home, seek help from your local plumber for quick repairs before continuing to use your water.


Just like we bundle up with sweaters, coats, and scarves, our pipes sometimes need an extra layer or two when it gets cold outside. You’ll find a variety of pipe insulation materials at your local hardware store, but one of our favorite ways is with fiberglass pipe insulation and plastic insulation wrap.

These products can be wrapped around your exposed pipes and will help keep the cold from affecting them as harshly. Try to make sure you insulate pipes in the colder areas of your home like the basement, against outer walls, and the attic.

Sealing up cracks and holes throughout your entire home will keep the warmth in and the cold out, providing extra insulation for your pipes!

Heat Cables

If you want even more protection for your exposed pipes, install heat cables alongside them. These cables sense the temperature of your pipes and adjust their own temperature accordingly, keeping the pipes warm enough when they need it most.

The Faucet Trick

When the weather turns frightful, there is always a chance that a pipe could burst in your home. If the forecast is projecting below-freezing temperatures, turn your faucet on to a low-drip. This will keep water slowly running through the pipes and decrease the chance of a crack and burst. This works best for faucets with pipes that run along an outside wall of the home.

What Happens If a Pipe Bursts?

There is only so much you can do to prevent burst pipes. If this does happen to you this winter, remain calm and shut off your water at the main water valve. Next, contact Beemer Plumbing, LLC for help! Give us a call at (913) 933-0031 for quick and quality service!

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